Bimbo Bakeries Route for sale Austin, TX

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Status: SOLD (see other available listings here)
Asking: $119,000
Down Payment: $99,000
Net From Company: $66,000
Late model box truck included! Est value of $25k alone!
Location: Austin, TX

Route is a hot growing area! Great for an active owner / owner operator! 

Incredible opportunity to get an established, highly profitable, easy to run, Bimbo Bakeries route. Excellent for first time route buyers that want to actively run a route and let the business continue to grow!

Less than 40 miles round trip, great condition truck included, solid income producing Bimbo route!

There are 2 types of income “nets” in routes for owner/operators:
1) $66,000 – This is the net payout from Bimbo itself. This is AFTER expenses like insurance, scanner rentals, warehouse leases, and deposits but BEFORE any of your 3 varying expenses (gas, maintenance, employees).

2) $60,800 – This is the net if you were an owner/operator working on the route after projected gas/maintenance expense, which are fairly low due to the excellent condition truck included as well as low amount of miles driven to complete the route.

Note: The owner of this route has currently been absentee by having an employee run it. However, this has caused some of the recent paychecks to suffer simply due to not having product on the shelf. The route will benefit from having an active owner running it. Income proof will be shown for the route prior to the current owner as well as current income proof. The stated income figures have been adjusted downward already, but the route should have nearly immediate upside potential with an active owner.

Who is Bimbo:
Bimbo Bakeries is the bakery behemoth and has created an established, dominating, and growing brand of breads. There are over 7,000 routes under this company, each with their own exclusive and protected territory! Bimbo owns multiple product lines to keep their presence dominant. The brands they own and distribute are currently: Bimbo Bread, Sara Lee, Boboli Pizza Crust, Mrs Bairds, Orowheat, Old Country, Weber’s, Francisco, Tia Rosa, Entenmann’s Snacks, and Marinela!

There are thousands of distributors across the US and only a very small percentage is ever for sale due to extremely low turnover for contractors.

Own an entire territory that is still continuing to grow in the highly acclaimed city of Austin.

This is a great situation where the route:
a) Is great for a new owner/operator since it’s not overwhelmed like many routes
b) Has territory in parts of the hottest growing areas of Austin
c) Is dominating the competition
d) Provides over 100 different products and several brands to supermarkets to stabilize income
e) Puts less than 40 miles a day on average on the truck
f) Would take the owner less than 40 hours a week if used some help with a part time helper

There’s other routes out there for sure. But you’re unlikely to find one that is going to be as headache free as this one.


Q: Will the owner consider financing?

Yes! The owner would be willing to finance a small portion such as $10k if the new buyer needed some assistance. If your credit is excellent, you may be able to have the entire route financed through an outside lending source. Click here for more info. 

Q: I’m new to routes. Is this hard to learn? And is the stated net what I’ll actually take home the first year if I run the route entirely on my own?

Routes become repetitive and routine very quickly. As for the money you’ll make, the net stated above is a good estimate of the amount you’ll take home after known and expected expenses. It may be more as the route grows from the population growth of the area simply creating more demand, or it may be less if you decide to hire a helper to keep your hours low.

Q: What sorts of startup/one time costs am I looking at on top of paying for the route?

Any expenses you’d have if you bought a new truck. You will pay for property tax on the truck, registration and title fees on plates at the DMV (~$100). There’s no cost for training, no flying around to franchise corporation headquarters, or any other nonsense you’ll find with other businesses.

Q: Will the owner give any training?

Complete training. When you buy the route, the seller will be committed to you succeeding by introducing you to the mechanics he’s used (although you can use whomever you’d like), introduce you to other helpful drivers, and also be training you on how to run the route by yourself or with a helper if you wanted. This is a very simple business and should only take a few weeks to learn it completely.

Q: Is there potential to buy more routes?

Contractors for Bimbo Bakeries can only own one route in their name. While sometimes there are husband and wife teams, or business partner teams used to acquire more routes, it’s a general rule of thumb that most contractors basically are only owning one or possibly two routes.

Q: Tell me about the route itself and where exactly it goes.

The route goes to the central Austin area and drives less than 40 miles a day round trip on average. It goes to large grocery stores like HEB and several convenience stores and chain restaurants.

Q: How long does it take to run the route? What are the hours?

The hours are flexible and determined somewhat by you as long as the businesses are being stocked full of the products we’re bringing to them. Typically, all routes like this start off around 4am and end around 10am-2pm depending on the day. This is a high income producing route with highly successful stores in the territory that require the route to run 7 days a week, but certain days take much less time to complete than others.

Q: Have routes been pulled/taken away from contractors before?

Only in extreme cases where the contractor had made violent threats, refuses to service the area he’s contracted to and other completely insane things. It’s extremely rare, but on occasion people have gone nuts for whatever reason and lost their route. Bimbo Bakeries usually warns the contractor long before disciplinary action will be taken.

Q: Is this a sales position? 

Absolutely not. There are no competing Bimbo route owners that can swoop in and steal your customers. You have a contractually and legally protected territory. You are not convincing, negotiating, or haggling with prices on anything, as these issues are already set in Bimbo corporate policy. Your job is simply to make sure the stores have product available to sell by replenishing the shelves daily.

Q: Will I need a lawyer or accountant to do this?

Technically you don’t need a lawyer, but for many transfers it’s encouraged to use one, especially if there are contingencies beyond the transfer – only you can make the determination to utilize a lawyer or not. Route transfers are usually simple, and having a huge corporation (Bimbo Bakeries) behind the transaction simplifies the transfer process since this isn’t like another business where only you and the seller are involved. Bimbo corporate structure makes sure the transfer of route contracts is done easily and smoothly. The business changes hands by a route transfer form given to management, it takes them a couple weeks and then the income flips to your name. You could get a lawyer, but it’s not necessary and I’ve seen other people use them much to their dismay when they delay the sale of the route and also eat you with fees. I recommend an accountant at first to help with year-end payroll and the seller will help get you established with monthly and quarterly payroll if needed.

Q: If I am ready to buy today, how long would it take to start getting the paychecks?

You need to pass a background check and have your credit approved. That takes about 2 weeks total. So if you’re interested in getting involved in the profitable world of routes just email me any questions you have and I’ll answer them as soon as possible (usually 24-48 hours). Also leave your phone number. Please, only email us if you have at least the down payment cash already available for a business like this. I know a lot of people get their first route by taking out a loans on their home, or find relatives to finance them.

Q: I have all the money and I’m ready to get started! What next?

Excellent. Email – or go to the contact me page and mention you’re interested in the route. Leave your number and someone should get back with you as soon as possible (usually 24-48 hours)