Disclaimer and FAQ for the 5 hour training service:


What’s the general time frames in this process and how long does it take to get a response to my emailed questions?

We move very quickly together, but since this service is highly personalized, there are some average timelines to be aware of:
Email responses: 24-48 hours (rarely less than 24 hours, never more than 48 hours)
Shorter Clarity calls being scheduled: 24-48 hours
Longer training calls for deeper due diligence: 2-5 days (even weekends if needed)
Average time for due diligence training together: 10-15 days
Average time for route transfer after agreed upon offer: 6-12 weeks

I have 24 hours to do due diligence. Can you help?

Unfortunately this is unlikely. Successful route ownership requires owners skilled in planning and time management to try to decrease the amount of “emergencies” while operating. Your due diligence process requires this skill as well, so don’t get pinned down to unreasonable deadlines during your due diligence and plan ahead appropriately.

How is the 5 hours of time used up?

I keep track down to the minute of how long it takes me to read/send emails, and organize / look over emailed documentation.

Phone calls are booked in minimum 1 hour slots but tracked to the minute for any time used beyond one hour (eg. A call that lasts 1 hour 13 minutes uses exactly 1 hour and 13 minutes of your time.) This means scheduling a call and only chatting for 15 minutes will still use an hour. However, if a call was only going to take 15 minutes, email was likely a faster and more efficient use of your time as well.

How will I know when my time is about used up?

The goal is that you don’t need more than 1 block, but I usually give a heads up when you’ve got less than an hour remaining. I want you to focus on understanding this business and asking all the questions you have rather than you avoiding questions because you think it might use “too much time.” Getting questions answered can save you tens to hundreds of thousands. Your biggest ROI in routes will likely be this education.

How long does the training last? 

We move at your pace but it takes most people 1-2 weeks to learn this process. There is no rush on my end at all, which is why the training time doesn’t expire for up to 6 months from your purchase date.

What if I understand how to evaluate routes in only 2 hours of us chatting? Do I get the 3 remaining hours refunded?

No. You’re paying for the ability to understand this industry to a level that you can understand how to evaluate these routes on your own. Most people use about 2-4 hours of emailing and phone calls to become proficient in evaluating numerous facets of this business. Getting your desired result in a shorter period of time, rather than dragging things out, is a huge benefit. My ability to teach in a clear and distilled manner has been crafted over teaching people this process for years.

Will due diligence eliminate all my risk?

The due diligence process we’ll cover should reduce your risk substantially in the acquisition. However, any business acquisition will always be risky, and while we’ll eliminate many uncertainties, there will still be things
we’ll never know. Risk beyond the due diligence of the route also exists in the form of FedEx changing contractors requirements, contract terminations due to mismanagement, increased competition (eg. Amazon), and other unknown inherent business risks.

Does this service teach me to find the perfect route?

Not necessarily. We cover training concepts widely applicable to routes, as some routes may not be a good fit, go off market, sell to others, have unresponsive brokers, or not allow financing. We can’t control these things. We use the route you’re looking at as specific hands-on training material to see how to evaluate a route. The training here allows you to better make a personal decision on whether to pursue / pass on a route. Only you can assess whether you have the skills, desire, financial capabilities, and risk tolerance of owning a route. My goal is to help you understand this industry deeply such that you have more info to better make that decision.


I have a business partner / friend that wants to be on the call with us, is that ok?


Will you chat with the broker / seller / bank for me? 

No. If you don’t understand the business enough to talk to those parties, then we need to work on that before pushing you to buy a business you don’t even understand – the results of something like that are not going to be good for you. My goal is to help you, not push you into buying something you don’t understand. We need to spend more time to cover some basics to get you comfortable with the business.

Will you sign the NDAs for the routes I’m looking for?

No, but it’s not needed. NDAs is mainly to protect brokers rightfully getting their commission for aiding the sale, and also so you don’t share the information about the business with people unrelated to your business decision. Therefore, typically your CPAs, spouse, business partner, attorney, adviser, etc doesn’t need to sign an NDA. Read what you’re signing (or consult an attorney), but I’ve yet to see a legitimate broker that has an NDA that prevents you from conferring with your team to make a decision.


Will the 5 hour training help me to evaluate other businesses outside of routes?

Not as much as you’d think. Just like previous business acquisitions won’t help with evaluating routes properly, the converse is also true: understanding FedEx routes won’t help you with understanding other best practices for due diligence outside of FedEx routes. Core concepts of business ownership are universally valuable. However, the concepts I teach of massive value are proprietary business concepts specific to FedEx, and can sometimes be very counter intuitive.

There’s multiple routes I’m interested in, can you help me evaluate them all?

Absolutely. However, once you see me go through the process of evaluating a route or two though, you’ll understand how to do it yourself and can evaluate as many as you want. Evaluating multiple route bundles together will usually require multiple blocks of time though, but is generally not needed since you should be able to evaluate them yourself after we do a route bundle or two together.

I have a ton of documentation from the broker that I’d like to email over. Will you tell me your thoughts on it?

This doesn’t help you if I just spit out “good” or “bad” like a magic oracle. We can definitely spend time together going over the documentation that doesn’t make sense. The goal is always to get you to the point of being able to evaluate a route yourself.


I’ve researched routes in general, am highly interested in a route, have the financial ability to purchase it, but I don’t know where to begin with evaluating it or know what to ask for. Should I grab the 5 hour block?

Yes, absolutely. This is where you can get the most value out of that service.

I found a route I like but the broker won’t respond, should I get the 5 hour block?

Some brokers won’t respond for many days (sometimes never) after you ask about a route. If we don’t have a route that we can get info on, we don’t have anything I can really train you fully with, and it may be best to wait until you’re sure a route is available before grabbing the 5 hours. 

The route I was interested in just went off the market but I already have bought time with you. What now?

We can still use the documentation you received on that route to train you, since there will likely be another route for sale in the same area and then you’ll already know what to look for. Patience is key since sometimes it can be months before a route pops up that meets your financial criteria. 

I have questions on getting financing for a route, should I grab a call or the 5 hour block?

Financing is never an easy process, and you should explore getting financed prior to purchasing any due diligence training. If you’re trying to find out if the industry is worth pursuing prior to spending time on getting financed, then grabbing a quick call is likely a better choice than the 5 hour training. If you’re a good candidate for financing, I’m happy to introduce you some personal contacts for SBA and private equity lenders.

Why should I get the route evaluation package instead of the 5 hour training block?

You should get the full route valuation and evaluation if you’re not planning on operating the route yourself (ie. lenders). The Valuation package is for people needing to save the extensive time required in ‘homework’ to properly evaluate a route. They don’t need to understand the intricacies of day to day operations, risks, obligations, or how to read documentation specific to FedEx routes. 

In contrast, the training block shows you the exact process of how I would evaluate a route. Clients that have already purchased the training may also elect to get the valuation package as well, however, this is usually not needed unless you want a 2nd pair of eyes looking over the documentation on the route.

It is not recommended for future owners to get the valuation package in lieu of the 5 hour training. The likelihood of mismanagement / failure is always present in routes, however, if someone didn’t want to take the time to understand this business well enough to evaluate it, then it will likely be even harder to understand it well enough to manage it successfully and your risk rises exponentially. I’m more interested in trying to help people rather than trying to say you should spend money on services you may not need.  


Can you tell me precisely what I’ll make in a business and if it’ll be viable in 15 years?

I wish I could. No one can predict the future and this service is essentially training you on a very solid methodology of evaluating routes. Even with a very solid methodology for due diligence like I teach with routes, there will still be income swings due to unpredictable events and large inherent risks in operating all businesses, regardless of the amount of due diligence performed. No due diligence process can guarantee anything, nor can it tell you the future. 

Can you write contracts, officially approve a route, find me a perfect route, tell me if I’ll be successful, etc? 

This service is about training you to understand core concepts of route ownership. I’m not a lawyer, don’t write/approve contracts, and give no “approvals” whatsoever on any decision you personally undertake in regards to the information shared on this site or service. My goal is to present enough information so you’re greatly aided in being able to determine for yourself if you have the time / skill to be successful, as only you can make that determination.

If you’re looking for any guarantees on the future, this service (as well as business ownership in general) may unfortunately not be what you’re looking for.

With enough due diligence can I eliminate all risk and know precisely how much I’ll make?

No. Due diligence helps you understand this business model better, establish estimated net income financial models, understand the valuation of a FedEx route, and mitigate risk as well as discover risk points that will be inherent in the industry regardless of the amount or extent of evaluation. Buying businesses, FedEx or others, is inherently risky, and while good due diligence reduces risk dramatically, there will still be risk remaining that can’t be eliminated. 

Do I need any skills to run this business if there’s already a manager running things great?

Managers quit, move, get injured, and get fired over a long enough time line. Only you can assess your abilities / skills to operate a business. Business ownership takes physical and mental effort and the training presumes you already have a strong business acumen developed and simply need to understand the FedEx model specifically to make a better decision on assessing the risks and obligations of this industry. 

Why don’t you ever talk about line haul routes in any of your articles?

Line haul is a different business model than Home Delivery or Ground. Its due diligence process is different, its risk/rewards are different, and its owner involvement levels are totally different as well. If you’re interested in line haul routes, grab a call first to make sure you understand what this business model is and if it’s even something you’re interested in.

We are an institution that would like to buy $2+ million worth of routes and want to understand scaling this business effectively. What should we do?

Grab a phone call. I’ve worked with hedge funds, private equity groups, large publicly traded banks, and investment groups numerous times. Scaling these businesses is a bit tricky – you should just grab a quick call to fully understand it before you spend a lot of time considering the FedEx business model.

Once I grab the route evaluation training are you going to try to upsell with me other ‘hidden’ offers?

Absolutely not. The consult block should get you trained to the point of potentially placing a well-crafted offer or simply passing until a different opportunity presents itself.


Route Tycoon is not endorsed, sponsored, approved or otherwise affiliated with FedEx Ground or any other distribution company discussed on the the site. There can be large risks inherent in all business decisions and all information and training provided here is not to be considered advice and the conclusions for evaluating any business are solely at the discretion, and risk, of the buyer. 

$1999 – 5 Hour Training and Consultation
Available onto to people that have successfully completed a 30-60 minute Clarity call to cover the fundamentals of route analysis.

  • Individuals looking to be personally coached on the many methods for performing route due diligence.
  • A comprehensive solution for learning how to make an informed route acquisition to reduce risk.
  • Deeper discussion of actual contractor responsibilities and FedEx corporate expectations for successful contractors.
  • Training on how to evaluate one or multiple routes.
  • Training on reading route documents from broker.
  • Ongoing email correspondence and calls if needed.
  • Deeply analyse one or more FedEx route bundles.
  • Number of route bundles analyzed is limited only by your available purchased hours.