Let’s get to working together evaluating a route!

Route Tycoon is a personalized training service that provides honest, unbiased phone and email consultation. 


Routes can be an excellent way to get started with having and owning your own business. However, picking the best route for you can be challenging, and starting out without proper support can make owning a route very difficult at first.

What I provide is:

  • Insight on which bread or FedEx routes to avoid and which ones to seek out
  • Understand the proper process for due diligence for the routes you’re considering
  • Provide steps in order to make a route stress free while still maximizing profits

I help you throughout the entire process of acquiring and evaluating a route with via email and phone calls to give specific answers to your questions and your situation.


Route Tycoon is not endorsed, sponsored, approved or otherwise affiliated with FedEx Ground or any other distribution company discussed on the the site. There can be large risks inherent in all business decisions and all information and training provided here is not to be considered advice and the conclusions for evaluating any business are solely at the discretion, and risk, of the buyer. 

“The initial call was incredibly and immediately helpful.
Very pleased so far!

-Alex P

“Straight answers to all my questions.
A huge help for getting started.” 

-Manish J

Listening to the biases of the seller / broker will usually not give you the full picture of what it actually takes to own and manage a successful route.

The consultation will cover a variety of topics such as:

  • Proper valuation of a route – You can easily over pay for a route if you’re not careful
  • Learn when to walk away from a route and spot fantastic value – Don’t just use a sales multiple for this!
  • Understanding the known and unknown risks of contract changes (IC to ISP conversion, Overlap compliance, etc)
  • Discovering the typical effects of ISP negotiations
  • Determining the potential future and current value of a route bundle 
  • Understand typical negotiation amounts and tactics specific to a route bundle
  • Financing options for routes, growing your business rapidly
  • Determining an estimated profitability of a route based from owners profitability claims 
  • Helping better discover whether routes are even a good fit for you
  • Investing in multiple routes and understanding the risk of long distance route management
  • How to find the hidden costs of routes many sellers “forget” about
  • Do FedEx routes really make the amount of money they claim to
  • How much FedEx ground routes pay vs FedEx Home Delivery routes, and why the answer is becoming irrelevant soon
  • Why are people really selling their routes and if that question even really matters
  • If routes are so great, why are so many FedEx and other truck routes for sale
  • Better determining if a semi-absentee route can actually be successful long term
  • Knowing when a highly profitable route could be a disaster to own
  • Structuring your acquisition to help you potentially and immediately increase your resale price 

You want a business that’s established, stable, and provides an income usually the week that you take it over – this is exactly what a good route can offer you. Determining whether routes will work for you as quickly as possible with consultation will get you moving forward – either towards owning your first route or towards another business better suited for you.

If you’re seriously considering owning a route, the modest $1999.00 is good money spent to educate you to make the best business decision possible. I’ve saved people tens of thousands of dollars in terms of helping them find the right route. I’ll help you discover undervalued gems vs routes that are just disasters.

I’ve been helping people for several years now, evaluated hundreds of routes for sale, and have experienced just about every major situation arise. It’s not just about being a contractor and having knowledge of this industry – it’s about knowing the brokers, knowing which types of people routes are a good fit for, knowing terminal managers behaviors across the country, and knowing numerous contractors that have the inside scoop in differing markets across the country.

Unlike what some brokers would have you believe, no business acquisition is a safe, effortless, low stress, risk-free endeavor. However, proper due diligence can reduce those risks, understand the effort needed, and anticipate the potential stresses of business ownership. 

I have years of experience training people in better understanding FedEx routes, and can explain things in multiple ways to help you understand things specific to FedEx routes that will help you make a better personal decision on whether to make an offer or pass. 

I was a little skeptical when I first heard of routes, but after buying my first route with Tony’s help,
I’ve made great money and even looking to expand soon.

-Evan P

Almost flushed $85k down the drain in an effort to enter the FedEx/bread route market. Consultation saved me from making a big mistake. Appreciate the honesty.
-Lemuel S

Clarity Call
Purchase – $5 / minute

  • The best place to start – make sure routes are a good fit for your expectations of owner involvement, risks, as well as potential rewards.
  • Individuals trying to learn the basics to know if they should even explore routes further or not.
  • Best for a few quick questions.
  • Help determining if FedEx is a good fit for you and/or exploring financing options for routes.
  • Looking into either Line Haul or Bread routes exclusively
  • A 30-60 minute call is now required to cover fundamentals of route analysis before the deeper 5 hour training is permitted to better ensure people properly assess suitability.

5 Hour Training and Consultation 

  • Available only for people that have successfully completed a 30-60 minute Clarity call first.
  • Individuals looking to be personally coached on the many methods for performing route due diligence.
  • A comprehensive solution for learning how to make an informed route acquisition to reduce risk.
  • Deeper discussion of actual contractor responsibilities and FedEx corporate expectations for successful contractors.
  • Training on how to evaluate one or multiple routes.
  • Training on reading route documents from broker.
  • Ongoing email correspondence and calls if needed.
  • Deeply analyze one or more FedEx P&D (aka Ground/HD) route bundles.
  • Number of route bundles analyzed is limited only by your available purchased hours.

Route Appraisal / Customized Work

  • Available only for people that have completed a Clarity call first.
  • Used by banks, private equity lenders, and lending institutions needing to get a potential idea of how much a route is worth.
  • Multi-page report of a potential value of a route.
  • One route analysis based upon up to 52 weeks of settlements you provide.
  • If in-person work is requested, please email for rates.
  • Private Equity Groups / Hedge Funds / Agencies needing customized presentations, etc.
  •  This option is NOT recommended for individuals / partnerships looking to learn how to properly acquire and value routes.

Getting help now to determine the route to look for is always the best path. Learning the evaluation method I teach usually takes 1-2 weeks, which will help you evaluate other similar routes. However, sometimes it takes months to go from looking for a route to actually closing. Because I understand the acquisition process and care about your success, the training time doesn’t expire for up to 6 months. About 80% of clients only need one 5 hour block of time, and you can use a little here and there as questions arise.

I usually can respond to all requests for initial scheduling for consults within 24-48 hours.

Have questions about the services of the consultation or just want to say hi? I love hearing from my readers! Send me a note!

Questions on routes and getting started? We have two different options to fit your situation:


I am available on Clarity.Fm to chat. Use this option to assess suitability of routes in general, understand what contractors do operationally, and consider the risks / rewards of this business model. This is now great value for those ready to assess whether routes are truly a good investment. If routes are still a good fit for you after completion of that call, you’ll be given a link to purchase the 5 hour block if you’d like to move forward.

 Pay as you go phone consults. Clarity.fm handles all billing.



The 5 hour training block

This is an in-depth phone and email analysis of income statements, documentation, full education on routes, management and evaluation of specific routes. An excellent option for those that know the value of routes and want to make the best choice possible with deeper education on due diligence. 

It’s required to get a Clarity phone call prior to getting the full training block, so that you better understand your suitability for this business model. Also required reading prior to working directly with me is the FAQ on what this due diligence training can provide.