Getting a route loan just got easier.

2017 Update: After some time passed and I got reports back, the previous loan company that I had suggested was not able to complete as many FedEx loan deals as I would like to have seen. I’ve been diligently searching for another lending source, and this company I’ve found has funded numerous FedEx routes. I highly suggest you check out their programs and offerings to see if it’s a good fit for you. Find out more info here -> FedEx loan source. 

— Older information below: 

Here’s where I start off by talking like a lecturing grandpa, “Back in my day, we used to have to beg our friends, family, or even the seller for a loan!” Now, thankfully, the climate has changed a bit and people are actually able to get loans for a route.

You can likely get a FedEx loan, it’s just not coming through your standard bank or SBA loan program.

No smoke and mirrors or BS here where you see ads saying things like, “No credit check! Unsecured funding for $500,000! Bankruptcies ok!” The loan program that I’ve seen work for other people is creative but comes with stipulations like you’d expect any legitimate funding source to have such as having good credit. The extent of ‘how good’ your credit needs to be and the fees are going to vary depending on the loan program you use.

I’ve seen Business Finance Store work for other people very well in terms of getting a route before. There’s a lot of info all over their site, but if you wanted help, I’ve made a video going through the process as if you were looking at getting a route.

I really do like these guys and love their loan programs in terms of them actually being able to get someone a FedEx loan when banks and SBA programs refuse to loan for routes. They’ve got an A+ rating from the BBB. Check them out for yourself and see if one of their loan programs makes sense for you personally. I’ve started to partner with them since I’ve been recommending them for a while and heard overall good things about them.

Obviously, you’ll need to do your own due diligence with them, but my experiences have been good from what I’ve heard. I’d love to hear your experiences with them (even if you haven’t already purchased consultation from me because someone else has helped guide you).

Below is me quickly going through the application process and explaining things throughout the process. Hopefully this helps as well.

Did you end up getting a loan using this company? While the people I’ve spoken with have had great experiences, I’d like to hear yours to share with others. Drop me a line!

Update: The video below shows the old style of the finance store that was kind of cumbersome and somewhat pointless to me. Thankfully, it’s much more simplistic now to get to an agent now with their new format. You may still find value in watching the video just to have a framework of applying for other loans as well.